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IIT Placements 2024-24: Salary, Average Package, Latest Updates!

On the first day of classes at the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Delhi, 480 job offers were made to students. IIT Placements 2024-24 commencing on December 1, 2024, the placement period will go until May 2024.

IIT Placements 2024-24

The institute reports that over 360 domestic and international companies have registered for the hiring process, submitting over 660 job profiles from a variety of industries.

IIT Placements 2024-24 Delhi students received over 480 full-time employment offers by December 1st, including pre-placement offers, for a total of about 450 distinct picks. Numerous pupils have also been successful in receiving several job offers.

Day one of the 2024-24 placement season at the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Delhi, saw 480 job offers for students. Full-time undergraduate and postgraduate student placement began on December 1, 2024, and will end in May 2024. The hiring is hybrid—physical and virtual.

IIT Delhi Placements 2024-24

December 1, 2024 marked the official start of IIT Delhi’s placement season for the academic year 2024–2024. It will run through May 2024. Recruiting companies will hire UG and PG students on a full-time basis during the campaign. 

A total of 480 offers were made to multiple candidates by some of the best recruiters on the first day, including Texas Instruments, Microsoft, and Goldman Sachs, according to the most recent IIT Delhi reports.

Name of the Placements
IIT Placement 2024-24 

Placement Season Duration
December 1, 2024 – May 2024

Hiring Focus
Undergraduate and Postgraduate Students

Recruitment Mode
Physical and Virtual

Registered Organizations
360+ (National and International)

Job Profiles Offered
660+ across Various Sectors

Total Job Offers (by December 1, 2024)
Approximately 480 (Including Pre-placement offers)

Over 360 national and international organizations have registered for student recruiting; these registrations represent 660+ job descriptions from a variety of sectors.

IIT Placements Delhi, Kanpur

The global recession is making it difficult for students on placement teams at IITs to get companies on board this year, according to an IIT Delhi student who spoke on condition of anonymity.

Similar patterns, such as a halving of work duties, have been reported by a student at IIT Kanpur who recently received a pre-placement offer of Rs 21.5 lakh cost-to-company (CTC).

Even though the season has begun, there are presently about 425 job openings from companies. IIT Kanpur’s Phase 1 total had 900 students last year, she continued.

IIT packages shrink, PPOs, non-core roles

So far for the 2024–2024 placement season, IIT Patna has received 29 pre-placement offers. Over 400 students of IIT Patna were offered jobs in 2022–2024. 

This year, about fifty companies are coming to be placed. Most companies are offering an average package of Rs 15-30 lakh, however the institute’s biggest package was Rs 1 crore. 

However, the most expensive bundle available in India is Rs 63 lakh.Companies that provided packages ranging from Rs 12 lakh to Rs 18 lakh, on average, were unaffected by the recession, nonetheless. 

IIT Placements 2024-24 Salary

The first-generation Indian Institutes of Technology (IITs) are struggling to attract big IT corporations to campus this placement season, which is expected to begin formally on December 1. As a result, there will be fewer positions available and lower compensation packages. 

The highest package: Placements 2024 (BTech, DD, IDDD CSE) – INR 1.31 LPA, Placements 2024 (MTech CSE) – INR 54.21 LPA

The lowest package: Placements 2024 (BTech, DD, IDDD CSE) – INR 10.20 LPA, Placements 2024 (MTech CSE) – INR 12 LPA

Median package: Placements 2024 (BTech, DD, IDDD CSE) – INR 30.36 LPA, Placements 2024 (MTech CSE) – INR 24.50 LPA

Delhi and IIT Kanpur both exhibit this tendency. Nonetheless, IIT Gandhinagar, Patna, and Guwahati All second-generation IITs with an earlier placement process saw respectable placement results, with most students receiving average packages between Rs. 10 lakh and Rs. 18 lakh annually.

Average Package of IIT Placements Procedure

Every IIT adheres to a predetermined placement process. This is a detailed account of the process they went through:

    Student representatives help the Training & Placement Cell (all IITs have one) issue business invites and documentation like the Placement Brochure and Job Announcement Form.

    Corporate recruiters can contact the relevant IIT’s T&P Cell to express interest in employing students. Send an email to the T&P cell of the desired IITs.

    After obtaining a completed JAF and relevant firm information, T&P Cell will email corporations. Based on JAF statistics, college interview dates are set.

    Company and T&P Cell discussions establish the Pre-Placement Talk date. After company confirmation, students receive the PPT date.

    Companies perform PPT at IIT campuses.

    Businesses may offer summer internships to pre-final year students during the placement drive.

    Students interested in working for a company can submit CVs and resumes online.

    The T&P Cell receives the nominated students via email before the final interviews.

    Companies hold campus group talks, aptitude tests, technical tests, personal interviews, and other placement-related events on scheduled dates.

    Companies announce the selected students immediately or shortly after the selection process.

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